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Dinosaurs (Market St.)
Dinosaurs (Market St.)
2275 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
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Dinosaurs (Market St.)

2275 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

At Dinosaurs restaurant you’ll find a fantastic range of authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches. When you walk into our friendly restaurant, our welcoming team will be ready to prepare your freshly made sandwich quickly and inexpensively.

What makes our take on this coveted Vietnamese street food so special? We proudly use only the freshest crisp vegetables and local meat to load between the flakey bread in these sandwiches. Make your selection from a choice of delicately marinated grilled pork, shaken beef, steamed meatballs, grilled chicken, spicy tuna, vegan friendly crispy tofu, or our house special, all served in a fresh crisp baguette with plenty of seasoning, crunchy vegetables, cilantro and dressing to create an authentic taste and experience.

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That’s not all we got, though. We also offer a choice of chicken or pork steamed buns and a selection of three types of spring rolls; chicken with shrimp, pork with shrimp or vegan tofu. All spring rolls are lovingly prepared to-order with fresh vegetables, herbs and rice vermicelli noodles enveloped by moistened rice paper and served with a hoisin dipping sauce.

We have a great range of accompaniments and beverages which are a perfect complement to our sandwiches. Why not try a glass of coconut milk or a rich cup of authentic Vietnamese coffee? We also offer jasmine tea, Thai iced tea or a selection of fresh made vegan smoothies which are a great way to balance the vibrant flavors from our menu.

We have comfortable seating inside the restaurant or you can enjoy your meal outside on our patio. We’re also very happy to handle group orders and cater for functions. We are open daily from 10am until 10pm and we’re easy to find on Market Street, so why not call or visit us today and enjoy an authentic tasting Vietnamese sandwich which is not only freshly made but also a great value?

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